Hilary Swank Teams Up with HealthyBaby to Ensure Baby Health and Well-being

Hilary Swank, who is 49 years old, recently became a mom to twins named Aya and Ohm. She shared their names and a new photo on Wednesday. She also announced that she’s teaming up with a company called HealthyBaby. This partnership is all about making sure babies stay healthy and making it easier for parents to take care of them.

In her new role as Chief Innovation Officer, Swank will work closely with the CEO of HealthyBaby, Shazi Visram. Together, they want to make sure that babies have safe and high-quality products right from the start of their lives. Swank chose to work with HealthyBaby because she was impressed by their dedication to making products that are good for babies and the environment.


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Swank is excited about this partnership because she believes it’s essential to give babies the best start in life. She’s especially passionate about creating products that are safe and sustainable. Visram is thrilled to have Swank on board because he believes she brings creativity and care to the team.

Swank recently talked about being a new mom on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She described her twins as her “little Cupid Valentines” and said that being a mom is the most wonderful thing in the world, even though it can be exhausting.

Overall, Swank is excited to use her experiences as a new mom to help create a better future for all parents and babies.

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