“James Corden’s Surprise Leaves Kris Jenner Emotional”: Kim Kardashian’s Praise Tugs at Her Heartstrings

Her Heartfelt Tribute Brings Kris Jenner to Tears

Kris Jenner got emotional after watching a video where her daughter Kim Kardashian praised her. Kim said her mom is her favorite person because she’s always there for them.

@thislifeofmineshow She’s a great Mom-ager but an even greater Mom. Listen now to this week’s episode with Kim Kardashian on @siriusxm ♬ original sound – thislifeofmineshow

She talked about how much she loves and respects her mom, especially since their dad isn’t around. Kim thinks her mom deserves all the love and respect. She also mentioned how her mom loves to have fun and enjoys a drink.

Kim believes her mom is the best teacher and takes care of them all. Kris got teary-eyed hearing this and jokingly asked for a tissue. Kim continued praising her mom, saying she’s not just a great manager but also an amazing mom.

Kris wiped her tears and said Kim is the best. Kris manages the careers of all her children. She had some with her late husband Robert Kardashian Sr. and some with Caitlyn Jenner.

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