Jimmy Kimmel Didn’t Expect to Host Oscars Again, But Barbie Changed His Min

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t plan to host the Oscars again in 2024.

“I didn’t think I’d do it again,” Kimmel, 56, told the Los Angeles Times. This will be his fourth time hosting and second year in a row.

“I hosted twice before, and they went well. Something crazy happened at one of them, and it’s a story I’ll always remember,” said Kimmel. He first hosted in 2017 when there was a mix-up with the Best Picture announcement. He hosted again in 2018, took a break for five years, and returned in 2023.

“I know how much work goes into the Oscars, so I thought, ‘I don’t really want to do this again,'” added Kimmel.

Kimmel said watching “Top Gun: Maverick” changed his mind about hosting in 2023. “I knew there was a movie people had seen, which makes the job easier.”

This year, another movie gave him a similar feeling. “I watched ‘Barbie’ and thought, ‘Maybe I’ll do this again because everyone has seen it,'” said Kimmel. “I made a joke about ‘Moonlight’ during my first year hosting, and most people hadn’t seen it, even though it won Best Picture.”

The Academy announced Kimmel’s return in November 2023. He joked, “I always dreamed of hosting the Oscars four times.”

Kimmel’s wife and co-head writer, Molly McNearney, will also be involved. She was nominated for an Emmy for her work on the 2023 Oscars and returns as an executive producer this year.

“We are excited about Jimmy hosting and Molly producing the Oscars. They love movies and are committed to making an entertaining show for our audience,” said Academy CEO Bill Kramer and President Janet Yang.

“We are thankful to Jimmy, Molly, and their teams for their creativity and partnership,” they added.

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