“Brain Teaser IQ Test”: Find the fake passport in 8 seconds!

Brain teasers are like puzzles that make you think and solve problems. They’re good for your brain and can help you concentrate better.

There are different types of brain teasers. Some ask you to find a mistake, figure out a secret code, or spot something hidden in a picture.

Doing brain teasers regularly can make you better at solving problems and give your brain a good workout.

Find the Fake Passport in 8 Seconds

Look at the picture below. There are three passports shown.

One of them is not real, and your job is to find it in 8 seconds.

If you found the fake passport, well done!

If you couldn’t, don’t worry. The solution is below.

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Solution

The passport in the middle has a background that’s not plain like real passports do. That’s why it’s fake.

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