Chelsea from Love Is Blind Apologizes to Megan Fox for Comparison Remarks

Chelsea Blackwell, a star on Love Is Blind season 6, said she talked to Megan Fox after people compared them. When Chelsea was talking to Jimmy Presnell on the show, she said some people say she looks like Megan Fox. But she didn’t really see it herself and told Jimmy not to get too excited. But people were mean about it online.

Chelsea even said sorry to Megan Fox herself. She’s waiting for Megan to reply. After Chelsea and Jimmy met, Jimmy said Chelsea lied about her looks. Chelsea got a lot of criticism online, so she posted on TikTok and Instagram about it.

@chelseadblackwell Go on a show for love > get your butt dragged through the trenches #loveisblind #loveisblindseason6 #lib #loveisblindnetflix #katierae ♬ Immigrant Song (Remaster) – Led Zeppelin

Jimmy also posted a sweet message on Instagram, showing him and Chelsea kissing. He said Chelsea is amazing and they both have reasons to keep fighting for each other.


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Love Is Blind season 6 is on Netflix now, with more episodes coming next Wednesday.

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