“Optical Illusion”: Find the hidden balloon in the market in 7 seconds!

Illusions are tricks that make us see things differently. Our brain fills in gaps to help us understand what we see. This is called perception.

Pictures that trick our eyes are called optical illusions. They’re used to test how well our brain pays attention.

 Find Hidden Balloon in 7 Seconds

In the picture, there’s a market scene with vegetables. But there’s also a hidden balloon.

Try to find the balloon in 7 seconds. If you find it, you have really good eyes!

Scientists study optical illusions to understand how our brains see the world.

Looking at optical illusion puzzles can help us get better at solving problems and thinking creatively.

Scroll down to find the answer!

Find Hidden Balloon in 7 Seconds: Solution

If you’re still looking, the balloon is on top of the lady’s head, next to a big pumpkin.

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