“Stars Share Funny Stories in ‘I Am an Actor’ Opener”: Idris Elba Recounting His ‘Kicked Out’ Experience from Robert De Niro’s Office

The 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards started with the usual “I Am an Actor” intro, where some stars talked about their careers.

Michael Cera, Colman Domingo, Hannah Waddingham, and Idris Elba were in this year’s intro. Elba, 51, shared a funny story about Robert De Niro.

He joked about sneaking into De Niro’s office when he was 19 for an audition. He convinced the guards he had an appointment and even did a De Niro impression in the elevator.

But De Niro’s partner kicked him out. Elba took it as a sign he’d do well in the business.

Waddingham talked about a quick change during a play where a mouse got stuck in her dress.

Cera talked about starting as a kid actor, and Domingo talked about his diverse roles.

The “I Am an Actor” intro started in 1995. Angela Lansbury introduced it then, and it’s been a tradition since. Stars like Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Keaton have done it before.

Last year, Jamie Lee Curtis and others did the intro.

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