Actress from Harry Potter Thinks Adults Should Move On from Wizarding World Obsession

Miriam Margolyes, who played Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies, thinks adults who are still obsessed with Harry Potter should move on. She said this in an interview, suggesting that being a superfan of the wizarding world is something people should grow out of. Margolyes seems surprised that grown-ups still love the movies years later.

She mentioned how some fans even plan Harry Potter-themed weddings, which she finds strange. Despite thinking the Harry Potter movies are great, she believes it’s time to let go.

The Harry Potter craze began in 1997 with the first book. In 2023, Warner Bros. announced a new show about a character from the series, which got fans excited. They believe Harry Potter is still popular across different age groups, even with older generations.

In 2023, The Masked Singer had a special episode dedicated to Harry Potter. They even used the Sorting Hat to decide which house a contestant belonged to. It’s clear that Harry Potter continues to be a big part of pop culture.

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