Madonna Delighted After Meeting Cillian Murphy at 2024 Oscars Party

Madonna really likes Cillian Murphy. She posted on Instagram about meeting him at her Oscars party.

In the picture, Murphy is wearing a suit and smiling next to Madonna, who is wearing a blonde wig and fancy clothes, holding a sign that says she’s tired.

Madonna said the party was fun and she was happy to meet her favorite actor, Cillian Murphy.

Murphy won his first Oscar on Sunday for his role in a movie about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man who made the atomic bomb.

In his speech, Murphy thanked the director and everyone involved in the movie. He also thanked his family who was there to support him.

Murphy said the movie is about the person who made the atomic bomb, and we’re all living in the world he created. He dedicated his award to people who work for peace.

Murphy won other awards for his role earlier this year.

Other nominees for the best actor award included Bradley Cooper, Colman Domingo, Paul Giamatti, and Jeffrey Wright.

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