“Glimpse into the King’s Stylish Traveling World”: Elvis Presley’s 1962 Private Jet Sold, Revealing Breathtaking Interior

Elvis Presley was famous for more than just his amazing music and unique voice. He also had a great sense of style and enjoyed good food.

One interesting thing about him is that he had a knack for decorating, as seen in his private jet. In 1962, he bought his own plane and customized it to his liking. Inside, you’ll find fancy wood paneling, carpets, and luxurious red velvet chairs.

Elvis owned several private planes, including a modified Convair 880 known as the “Lisa Marie” and another JetStar plane called Hound Dog 2. These planes reflected his lavish lifestyle and love for flying.

One of his planes, a Lockheed Jetstar, ended up sitting in New Mexico for over 30 years after his death. Recently, it was auctioned off for $260,000 to an Elvis fan in Florida.

The inside of the plane is impressive. The seats are comfy with plush red velvet upholstery, and the walls are covered in wood panels. There’s a big room for guests, a small kitchen, and even a dated microwave.

Despite its age, the plane is in decent shape, though the red color on the outside has faded. It’s fascinating to imagine Elvis flying in this stylish aircraft, perhaps making one of his famous peanut butter, mayonnaise, bacon, and banana sandwiches in the tiny kitchen.

The restroom is also quite luxurious, with more velvet and a fancy sink. Overall, it’s a glimpse into Elvis’s extravagant travel style.

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