“Optical Illusions IQ Test”: Spot A Pumpkin And An Earthworm In 12 Seconds!

🎃🐛Can you spot the hidden pumpkin and earthworm in just 12 seconds? 🧐Dive in and find out now!

Looking at tricky pictures where things are hidden is both fun and good for your brain.

These pictures make you really look closely because things are hidden in them.

If you can find what’s hidden, it shows you’re really good at looking at things carefully and quickly.

Spot A Pumpkin And An Earthworm In 12 Seconds

Here’s a picture with a family, a dog, a cat, a dad holding a baby, a girl, and a mom putting cards on a tree.

Hidden in the picture are a pumpkin and an earthworm. Can you find them in 12 seconds?

The earthworm might look like a stick or be part of the mom’s dress or the cat.

And the pumpkin might be in the shadow of the tree or look like something else.

Look really closely at everything because even small things might be hiding what you’re looking for.

Finding the pumpkin and earthworm shows you’re really good at noticing things and staying focused, even when it’s hard.

Still can’t find them? Keep looking or check the answer below.

Optical Illusion Answer

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