New Photos of Brooke Shields and Miranda Cosgrove in Netflix’s ‘Mother of the Bride’

🌟 Get ready for a double dose of charm! Check out exclusive sneak peeks of Brooke Shields and Miranda Cosgrove in Netflix’s upcoming rom-com ‘Mother of the Bride’

Brooke Shields is trying something new in a movie called “Mother of the Bride”.

She plays Lana in a romantic comedy on Netflix. Lana’s daughter, Emma (played by Miranda Cosgrove), surprises her with news: she’s getting married in Thailand in a month! Lana’s shocked to learn that Emma’s love interest is the son of someone who hurt Lana in the past.

Shields, who is also a producer, thanks director Mark Waters, Netflix, and Christina Rogers, who’s in charge of original films at Netflix, for supporting stories about women over 40 in rom-coms.

The relationship between Shields and Cosgrove’s characters in the movie reflects Cosgrove’s own strong bond with her mother. Cosgrove says Shields is warm and makes everyone feel comfortable.

Director Waters chose Benjamin Bratt for the leading role because he’s likable to both men and women. Shields appreciates that the script avoids clichés about older women.

The cast bonded during filming in Thailand. Shields compares it to a theater experience because they spent so much time together.

Waters reunited with actor Chad Michael Murray for the movie. He says the cast and crew became like a family during filming.

Cosgrove liked her character’s wedding dress in the movie and would consider having a similar wedding in real life.

The cast stayed in shape by working out together and playing pickleball during their free time.

Waters says the emotional core of the movie is the relationship between Lana and Emma. Shields and Bratt had instant chemistry, which made Shields confident the movie would be successful.

Shields was happy that Bratt’s wife visited the set during filming.

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