“He’s Embarrased Of Me”: Steve Martin Reflects on Feeling Unrecognized by His Father

Not the best childhood💔Steve Martin talked about his tough relationship with his dad 😟🤯 Let’s find out what happened to the actor in the comments🤔👇

Steve Martin talked about his tough relationship with his dad in his new documentary on Apple TV+ called STEVE! (Martin) A Documentary in 2 Pieces.

Steve, who’s 78 and known for his role in Only Murders in the Building, said his dad, Glenn Martin, wasn’t really proud of his career choices in showbiz. He felt his dad didn’t get what he did and was kind of embarrassed by it.

Steve said he learned to use his dad’s criticism as motivation during his career. Negative comments from his dad actually pushed him to do better.

His sister, Melinda Dobbs, said their dad wasn’t affectionate at all. Steve mainly faced his dad’s anger and criticism.

Steve remembered having a happy childhood, but only when he wasn’t at home.

His friend, John McEuen, remembered seeing Glenn criticize Steve after one of his shows. Glenn would say there was something wrong with the show, even when there wasn’t.

Even at events like movie premieres, Glenn didn’t hold back from criticizing Steve’s work. At the premiere of The Jerk in 1979, Steve’s dad said he wasn’t as good as Charlie Chaplin.

Towards the end of the film, Steve admitted that he spent most of his career trying to get his dad’s approval.

Later in life, Steve listened to a friend’s advice and talked to his parents about everything he needed to before they passed away. He understood his dad better and realized he had a lot of pressure to take care of the family.

Nowadays, Steve looks at his dad differently and even likes him, despite their past issues. Glenn passed away in 1997.

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