Miley Cyrus Gets Emotional Filming New Music Video After Spotting Her Mom on Set

Miley Cyrus tears up💧The articst couldn’t hold back her tears when she spotted her mom on set 😥💔 Find out more in the comments 👇

Miley Cyrus opened up about her feelings while making her new music video for the song “Used to be Young”. She explained that the song is about remembering and accepting our past, loving ourselves in the present, and looking forward to the future.

During filming, Miley became emotional, especially when she saw her mom on set. They used technology to see each other through the camera, which brought up a lot of feelings for her. She laughed and cried seeing her mom dance, and she believes it’s important to show real emotions in today’s world.

“Used to Be Young” is a heartfelt song reflecting on Miley’s wild partying days when she was around 20 years old.

Miley expressed her gratitude to her fans for their ongoing support, saying the song is dedicated to them.

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