“Kanye West Opens Up”: Rapper Raises Awareness on Hailey Destroying Justin Bieber’s Life

“She’s fake!” 😮Kanye West can’t sit still when his fellow artists get the wrong influence 💔 He revealed deep-seated concerns and frustrations 😱 Find out what happened in fact int he comments! 👇

Kanye West stopped being friends with Justin Bieber after he publicly criticized Justin’s wife, Hailey Bieber, for rumored plastic surgeries and her past connections with Drake. Supposedly, Kanye doesn’t think highly of Hailey and adds fuel to rumors that he supports Selena Gomez in her feud with Hailey.

Everything started when Kanye faced criticism for wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt at a fashion show. He got mad at a Vogue editor who criticized him and then Hailey defended the editor. Kanye got upset with Justin for not controlling Hailey.

Kanye also brought up rumors about Hailey’s nose job and her past with Drake, implying she’s fake and used Justin for fame. Justin felt hurt and ended their friendship, especially after Kanye talked about Hailey’s surgeries.

Hailey denied having surgery but threatened legal action against a plastic surgeon who speculated about it. This made Kanye believe she was being fake.

Kanye might also be distancing himself from Justin and Hailey because they’re connected to a church linked to controversial financial practices.

Even though Kanye has problems with Justin and Hailey, he hasn’t criticized Selena Gomez publicly. This might mean he respects her more.

Many people support Kanye’s decision to end things with Justin and Hailey, seeing it as justified given their rumored shady behavior. Some praise Selena for staying respectful during the drama.

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