“I’m with you, little friend”: The sensitive ranger couldn’t ignore the little gorilla in grief

This emotional moment was captured in Virunga National Park, DR of the Congo. This is one of the biggest and oldest parks in the whole continent. In the photo you can see how ranger Patrick Karabarang tries to comfort a baby gorilla who became an orphan – his mom was killed by poachers. And the animal trusted Patrick. The little gorilla let the ranger hug him, and then even climbed on his “little hands”.

The baby became the forth representative of his species living in nature reserves. His brothers also ended up in reserves because of human cruelty. Parents of two of them were killed by poachers. Some people even tried to smuggle one of them.

Today, about 1/4 of the entire gorilla population lives in the Virunga National Park. To be exact, there are 210 animals. This place became a real home for them, as here they can escape from poachers, war and deforestation.

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