The man calls his kitten his guardian angel. The reason is just amazing!

You have probably heard dogs saving human lives many times. And what about cats?

If you do good, the good comes back to you! You may believe this or not, but our today’s story will make you seriously consider this.

One day Glen Shalman saw an abandoned kitten on the street and couldn’t pass by. The little cat was in a terrible condition, almost dying, so the man thought it was his duty to save him. When Glen made up his mind, he couldn’t even imagine how fateful it was.

The fact is, that Glen suffers from a disease accompanied by seizures. At this horrible moments he may completely stop breathing…

And the same day when he brought the kitten home, he had another seizure. At that moment the cat put his paw on his hand, as if trying to say: “Don’t worry, I’m with you, everything’s going to be fine!”.

3 days later Glen had an even more serious attack while sleeping. And the kitten, that was named Blake, immediately started biting his owner’s fingers, trying to wake him up. If the little creature didn’t do this, Glen most probably would’ve died in his sleep.

Since then, the man has been calling the cat his guardian angel. Glen saved him, and Blake returned the favor.

It’s just wonderful just how strong the bond between a human and an animal can be. Such things are not common, so if you are also amazed by this story, tell your friends about it!

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