This man bought himself a pacifier at the pharmacy…You will not believe why he needed it

This guy asked for a big pacifier at the pharmacy, right in front of me. “But they all seem to be the same,-said the pharmacist surprised,-for what age do you need it?”

The guy replied cheerfully: “24! I want it for myself!”

I could simply notice questioning devils in the pharmacist’s eyes. The guy looked like a normal man. The pacifier, however, didn’t fit his brutal and masculine physique in any way.

“A friend of mine advised!-explained the guy,-he says, it’s a proven method. It seems, if a man falls asleep with a pacifier in his mouth, he won’t let it out till the morning. The infant reflex is activated. Also, it’s impossible to snore with a pacifier in your mouth. It’s fine if my wife laughs and makes fun of me. At least she will get enough sleep!”

I take my hat off to this guy…

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