This 11-year-old girl with a strange disease did something that brings tears to everyone’s eyes

Nikki Christou lives in London. Despite her young age, she knows what life difficulties are.

When the girl was 6, veins started to appear on her face. After examination, doctors diagnosed her with arteriovenous malformation. This is a rare disease. In these malformations arteries and veins form unusual connections. Because of this, Nikki suffers from severe headaches and dangerous bleeding. There’s a large tumor on her face which disfigures it…

But the girl doesn’t give up! Now she does what fills our eyes with tears…
2 years after the Christou found out about the disease, Nikki created her YouTube channel. She doesn’t hide, instead she films videos where she gives advice to girls on how to do make-up, dress up and bake goodies.
Her disease didn’t stay on her way to develop the channel, which also brings a good income. 35000 subscribers and millions of views in a month – isn’t this great?
She doesn’t complain about life. Nikki does worry about her appearance, but this didn’t break her down. The young blogger strives to be focused on the positive things. For her this is the biggest secret of happiness.
Life may be difficult and cruel. But there are many sunshines like Nikki Christou. Share the article with your friends and let’s wish this little girl health, more will-power and more reasons to smile!
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