She visited a shelter to choose a dog for herself. This story will touch the depths of your soul

Her eyes met mine when she was walking down the corridor, anxiously peering into the kennels. I immediately understood what she wanted and realized I wanted to help her.

I started wagging my tail not too violently for her not to be afraid.

When she stopped at my kennel, I blocked her view from the small accident that happened at the back of my cage. I didn’t want her to know I hadn’t been out for a walk today.

Sometimes the Guardians of the shelter are too busy, and I didn’t want her to think poorly about them. When she started reading my card, I hoped she wouldn’t be upset about my past. I only have a future that I’m looking forward to, and I want to change someone’s life.

She kneeled down and called me calmly. I stuck my shoulder and a part of my head into the grid to comfort her. Her gentle fingertips patted my neck: she was in need of companionship. A drop of tear appeared on her cheek, and I raised my paw to calm her down and say her everything would be fine.

Soon the door of my cage opened. Her smile was so bright that I immediately jumped on her hands. I was ready to promise I would keep her safe and always be with her. I would promise to do every possible thing to always see her bright smile and and the glint in her eyes.

I was so lucky that she walked down my corridor that day. There are so many others that never walk down the corridors. So many remain to be saved. At least, I can save one.

Today I saved a human…

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