How this faithful dog fed its owner, who got into a trouble and broke his leg

Everything started, when Igor broke his leg. Sitting in the kitchen and looking at the plaster with sad eyes, he, for the first time ever in his life, regretted no being married. And as luck would have it, all his friends were at work…

But he wants coffee so much…And he’s out of bread…Too bad, the coffee jar is empty, there’s no bread, and the young man is yet unable to walk to the store himself.

With a sight, he looked at his devoted dog Naida, and read in her smart eyes:

“Come on, why are you so depressed? Don’t worry! Everything’s fine. After all, you have me!”

Igor paused for a moment…But it’s true! There’s no intercom in their old house, so the entrance door opens “with a half-step”. And if the dog is able to go for a walk all by herself, why not send her to store? He just needs to tie a shopping list on her collar for the pretty saleswoman, Irochka, who smiles at both of them whenever they go shopping. Also he needs to hang a bag around her neck. After all, Naida can bring a coffee jar and a loaf of bread!

All is said and done. Igor wrote something on a paper and added his phone number. Then he called the dog, put the money and the note behind her collar, and hung a bag around her neck. The owner patted the dog and said: “Store! Naida! Store! Ira!”

Hearing the familiar words and the name, the dog wagged her tail and happily headed for the door. Igor hobbled after her and opened the door. The dog stopped on the threshold confused. Apparently, she was wondering why her owner didn’t fasten the leash and didn’t put on his shoes, so that they could go for a walk.

Igor had to repeat the key words “Store” and “Ira”. Finally, Naida understood what she had to do. She barked loudly, as if saying “Okay!”, and ran out alone.

The store was near the house. In five minutes Igor got a call from Ira. He briefly described the situation, about the plaster and thanked her for understanding.

After a while, Naida’s barking was heard outside the door. There were a coffee jar, a loaf of bread and a bar of chocolate (from Ira) in the bag and the change.

Soon, satisfied Igor was sitting sprawled at the kitchen table (as much as his broken leg allowed him to) and was blissfully enjoying the aroma of the magic drink.

In a few days, Naida became a regular customer not only of this store, but of all markets nearby. Even after Igor’s recovery, he would send Naida to a store, and the sellers would fulfill the orders with a smile. Of course, not everyone has the chance to serve such an unusual customer!

And Naida would always be happy to carry out such “assignments”. After all, it’s so pleasant, when people always pat you and call you a “good girl!”.

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