The husband came home in a terrible mess. His wife’s explanation is the best answer

This man came back home from work and saw his children still in pajamas. They were playing in the mud with empty boxes of food and wrappers scattered all over the yard. The doors of his wife’s car , as well as the entrance door of the house were open.  And the dog was not there. Once inside, he found an even bigger mess. The lamp was overturned, the carpet was dirty. In the other room the TV was on, screaming a kid’s cartoon. The living room was littered with toys and clothing. The dirty dishes were still in the kitchen, food spilled on the table, the fridge door wide open, dog food spilled on the floor. There was a broken glass under the table and a little sand behind the back door.

He quickly got upstairs, stepped over toys and and a bunch of clothes, looking for his wife. The man was afraid she might’ve fallen sick, or something serious might have happened. Upstairs, before the bathroom, a small trickle of water greeted him. Looking inside, he found wet towels, soap and other toys on the floor. Miles of toilet paper lay in a pile, there was toothpaste on the mirror and the walls.

When he broke into the bedroom, he found his wife laying down, reading a novel. She looked at him, smiled and asked about his working day. He looked at her confused, and asked:

“What happened here?!”

Still smiling she answered: “You know, when you come home every day from work, and ask me what I do all day?”

“Yes”, was his distrustful answer.

She answered: “Well, today I didn’t do anything!”

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