Scared dog was afraid of people, and now she can’t stop hugging

This story happened in Greece, where a dog named Sunny was found. The little creature got in an unpleasant situation: she was hit by a car. Luckily, nothing irreparable happened, but still Sunny was in need of help…

Instead, she ended up in a cage and stayed there for a year. During this time, Sunny became afraid of people so much, that when they found her, she was very anxious and didn’t let anyone approach her. The dog was especially afraid of men. Most probably someone had treated her cruelly, and Sunny never forgot about it…

In Greece there’s such a system: if a vaccinated and sterilized dog is not taken from the animal shelter for a long time, it has to be returned to the place where it was found. Luckily, our today’s hero is the one to find out about Sunny and decide to take the poor animal with him.

On her way home, the dog was so nervous that she soiled the whole carrier. Her fear was unable to describe. The man realized he would have to work hard in order for Sunny to trust him. And he was sure, he would manage to do so!

At first, he tried not to even touch her, and only stood next to her watching her communicate with other dogs. After a while, he started to approach her carefully and tried to gently pat her. Sometimes he would succeed, but most of the time, Sunny would cower in terror.

Soon his patience was rewarded: the dog got into contact. Slowly but surely she began to trust the man. And after a while, Sunny turned into a gentle dog, that loves when someone rubs her tummy.

Very soon the dog was ready to move to a loving family. She found new owners and now they won’t stop hugging their pet. And the dog responds them with devotion and love!

Very often fear fills the soul, but kindness is able to break any obstacles. Sunny’s story is a great proof to this.

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