Orphan elephant , that has lost its family, hugs an ostrich every day

Very often animals surprisingly show us examples of true friendship and devotion. The story of a little elephant named Giotto is one of such examples.

At the age of 1 month, he fell into a well and could not get out on his own. His family also failed to get him out of there, so they just left the unfortunate cub. Luckily, David Sheldrick from Wildlife Trust found him. The man is an animal rescuer.

The elephant was sent to an animal shelter in Kenya, where he got the name Giotto.

At the same time, an ostrich named Pea was also brought to the same shelter. Despite belonging to different species, the animals could quickly and easily make friends with each other.

They play together all the time, sleep together and just love to hug!

The animals will stay in the shelter for a while, then they will be set free into the wild.

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