Married couple found a sick cat on the street. No one could have imagined what she would become in a few weeks!

Thousands of cats die every day on the streets of our cities from cold and hunger. Many of them end up on the streets because of their cruel owners. Luckily, there are people who cant’s pass by dying animals indifferently.

This little white kitten was left on the street, just because her owners didn’t need her any more. For several weeks, the unfortunate little girl froze and starved to death in the inhospitable streets.

The kitten had several diseases. Her white fur turned gray, and she herself turned into a walking skeleton. With each passing day, the hope that she would survive was fading away.

However, the guardian angels of the kitten sent her two savors. A married couple found the sad stray cat. She could hardly move her paws, constantly tripped and fell.

The animal touched their hearts, and the couple decided to save her. In the vet clinic the kitten was named Sila (Power). Well, it’s thanks to her power that she survived. The new owners did their best for the hungry and sick animal to turn into a well-fed and healthy cat.

After a few months of care, Sila grew a fluffy, snow-white coat. She recovered, and the fear disappeared from her eyes. Now the cat literally doesn’t get off those hands that saved her from hell. It’s very difficult for people, too, to let go of the white “fluff”.

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