Volunteers didn’t know what this “monster” was. Still they didn’t leave the animal alone.

Animal rescue service received a call. Frightened people informed, there was a wolf in the town. Volunteers prepared to meet the dangerous predator. However, when volunteers saw the animal, they were confused. Was that a wolf, a coyote or maybe a dog?

This strange “monster” was injured and exhausted. People couldn’t leave the animal in that condition.

Volunteers tried to get into contact with it. They offered the animal food and tried to pat it. From its behavior it was clear, that the animal was a frightened and exhausted dog.

The animal was taken on a leash and they took it to a vet clinic.

They washed and fed the dog. He was then examined and doctors started the treatment.

For the first time the dog was able to take a proper sleep.

After the check-up, the “wolf or coyote” turned out to be a Husky.

Day by day the dog was getting stronger and more active.

His wounds were getting well, the dog gained some weight and became more handsome.

Volunteers found a place, where the dog would be loved. The exhausted dog turned into a cute and active pet.

After a while, the dog became incredibly handsome and well-groomed. Love and care work miracles!

Here’s the Husky rescue video

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