This guy has saved 9 cats, and now they come to thank him every night!

There are two things in Sarper Duman’s life that he is crazy about: music and cats.

Sarper is an experienced pianist and an equally experienced cat lover. There are 9 cats living with him, which he picked up from the street at different times. From being homeless, injured and hungry, they all now have a warm place to live. And for this they are very grateful to their Human!

Sarper works during the day, and rehearses at nights. His cats are already used to this lifestyle.

During the day they sleep peacefully or just play. As soon as it gets dark, and when there are charming sounds coming from their owner’s room, they quietly go to the instrument and sit around. Those who are brave enough, jump on his knees and even on the synthesizer. Other listeners enjoy the music from the side… Their attention is the greatest appreciation for the talented musician!

“I treat each of my pets as a king or a queen,-says the man smiling,-and I’m grateful to them for the peace they have brought to my house”.

One of Sarper’s cats is blind. She is unable to see the beauty of the nature, and her owner gives her another opportunity. He puts her on the window, and together they enjoy the singing of the birds for hours. This calms down the kitten and inspires the musician.

The whole family lives in harmony. “They are my life, my heart, my angels!”, says Sarper hugging his pets.

Even the latest, recently brought from the street kitten perfectly fit into the company.

He turned out to be quite talented and often plays music himself.

What a Kindness living in this house!!

A great duet! Let’s appreciate this well-coordinated work!

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