Well-paid dentist gave up his career, sold his property and built an animal shelter

A man from Ierapetra, Greece on the island of Crete, named Theoklitos Proestakis quitted his successful career of a dentist two years ago to open a shelter for stray animals. The doctor spent all his money on this idea, writes huffingtonpost.gr

In recent years, over 1 million dogs have become homeless because of the economic crisis in Greece, writes BBC. Owners are unable to feed their pets, so they have to leave them on the streets. The government is not able to take care of the animals, therefore, private organizations do this instead.

People just leave their animals in the landfill. That’s where Theoklitos saw them. Especially one dog shocked the man the most. Its owner had partially torn off a piece of his skin and threw it in the sun to die.

One day I went to the landfill, and what I saw there just shocked me. There were so many dogs there, some with broken legs. They were dying, sick and injured. That was terrible. I wanted to help and brought them food and water every day. I was so happy to see them recover.

However, people living nearby didn’t approve the doctor’s help and said they were going to kill all the animals, as they were bothering them. And so Theoklitos decided to open an animal shelter to save the dogs.

For this purpose, he sold his car and van, bought the land for a shelter with an area of 5,200 sq. m. and started to gather the dogs.

According to the dentist, about 1.3 thousand euros are spent monthly on the food and 700 euros on their treatment.

There are now about 300 pets in the shelter. Theoklitos works seven days a week. When the man sold all his property, his parents even turned to a psychologist, thinking their son had gone crazy.

I spent 20 hours a day here. I’m in this shelter day and night. Here I sleep with my about 300 dogs.

When the money ran out, and Theoklitos got into debt, he was going to sell the shelter, as he did not know where to get the money for its maintenance.

The situation was changed by the publication of a journalist about the dentist’s shelter in The Daily Mail. People all over the world started writing to the Greek man and transferring money to keep the animals. Some people even decided to take a few dogs from the shelter. Then other publications began to publish articles about the shelter. With the money transferred , Theoklitos expanded the territory of the shelter from 5,000 sq. m. up to 133,000 sq. m.

Foreigners took 170 dogs. Today they live abroad and have fun. I’m happy to see they have a wonderful life. Five dogs were adopted by Greek people, but 4 of them sent the dogs back”, DayNight.gr quotes.

I always keep in touch with the people who adopt my “babies”. I post everything on Facebook. Everyone knows who took the dog and where t lives now.

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