Thanks to her bright smile, this baby became a real sunshine for many parents

One day, this little girl, that was only 5-day-old, without even realizing it, became a real sunshine for many parents with her smile. Thanks to her smile, the baby got the title of “the happiest child in the world”.

Freya was born in 2014, on the Thanksgiving day. She was only 1.7 kg in weight, despite the fact, that the average weight of newborns is 2.5-5 kg. Her mom, Loren, tells, that while talking to her daughter she asked: “Should we send a pic to your dad?”. At that moment she took the photo, and the baby smiled with the well-known smile. The problem is, that during the 28th week of pregnancy, the woman was diagnosed with preeclampsia – severe high blood pressure. Doctors decided to conduct caesarean section, as the baby’s heart rate was falling.

The young mom wanted to help parents, that had their babies prematurely. She shared Freya’s photo in the blog ”Birth Without Fear”. The photo was then spread in the whole world and perhaps gave hope to many people. “To be honest, she is the best thing to have ever happened to us. When we go to a store, she is the friendliest, says “hello” to everyone she meets. She is very funny, very happy.

And when we came to hospital to have our second baby, 5-day-old Freya’s photo was still hanging on the wall”, says Loren. Now the girl is already 6 years old. Unfortunately we were unable to find current photos of the girl. But the most important thing is that she managed do a lot with only one of her old photos…

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