“It only lasted 6 months”: Oksana gave birth to quintuplets, and her husband left her

He left, came back and…left again!

Everything started 4 years ago, when it became known that Oksana was going to be a mother of 5 babies at once.

Oksana and her husband had one daughter back then. When the husband found out about her pregnancy, he tried to persuade his wife in every possible way not to have the baby. However, he failed to convince the woman.

In the end, he left his wife and daughter for a while. When the baby grew up a little, he decided to come back. Oksana forgave him and welcomed him back. Everything seemed to be going well.

Later, it turned out, that our heroine was pregnant again. Despite her husband and mother-in-law being against, the woman decided to give birth. Then the husband decided to leave his beloved one again.

And so the babies were born. Sergey returned to the family. At first, he helped Oksana with everything. However, it lasted only 6 months. Sergey packed his things and moved to his mom.

Luckily, our heroine was strong and brave. Besides, after learning about the single mother with so many children, a lot of people offered her their help.

Let’s wish Oksana all the best!

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