Father realized the dream of his 8-year-old daughter dressing up as a mermaid

The man really got used to being a mermaid )
Desiree Deal is a photographer from the USA, specialized in photo shoots of little girls. Usually the themes of these photo shoots are of the same type: princesses, fairies, mermaids… But recently, one of his little clients surprised him asking to let her dad join to the birthday photo shoot. The adult man laughed and accepted the offer. He even got used to his new role.
Both the dad and the daughter starred in the shoot as mermaids. They were even given complete costumes with big pink tails, seashell bras and tiaras of real marine inhabitants. While the family was splashing in the shallow water, the photographer was looking for interesting angles. 
The photoshoot turned out to be pretty diverse and rich. It got 31000 likes, a thousand more comments and about 167000 shares on Facebook. 
In his post about this project, Desiree Deal wrote, that this was his one of the most interesting works, representing the bond between a father and his daughter. He’s glad that he helped the family create such bright memories. 
Netizens appreciated this project. Also the courage of the father, who was able to stand against the stereotypes about masculinity to please his little daughter. They believe, that growing up, this photoshoot heroine will understand how much her father loves her. And she will laugh at these photos just as much, as Deal’s followers do.
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