Fearing that it might be crushed on the road, the guy took the hedgehog home

From one to nine cute hedgehogs in just one night!

Sometimes life presents us with unexpected and pleasant surprises. Something like this happened to a man from China, named Lee.

One time, late in the evening, the guy was walking home from his work, when he came across a hedgehog “having a walk” along the highway. Fearing that it might be run over by cars, Lee carefully wrapped the animal in a handkerchief and took it to his home.

The man gave a cardboard box to the new acquaintance, which he put in a cozy dark place. Lee had no idea how to feed the unexpected guest.

So the Chinese man contacted a vet clinic. They told him about the diet of these babies. And when the guy brought sweets, he found the hedgehog asleep. The man went to sleep, too.

Imagine how surprised Lee was, when in the morning he found not one, but nine hedgehogs in the box! At night, mom-hedgehog had given birth to eight babies.

By the way, it is very rare for a female to give birth to such a large number of cubs. The man called the vet clinic once again. Doctors came to take the animals. Now specialists are taking care of the babies and their mother.

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