Cat interfered, when the baby was trying to get out of the balcony

A motivating story of a nanny cat from the city of Bucaramanga

Users from Colombia posted the video of a responsible cat on YouTube. It’s amazing how the pet could correctly assess the situation with the one-year-old baby and how it rushed to save it.

Obviously, the 1-year-old baby wasn’t left without the attention of adults. He had just learned to walk and was learning his surroundings. And so the balcony, or rather, the noisy street, attracted his attention. However, there was a reason for the adult cat to sit next to the boy. The boy only tried to cling to the handrails to see what was down there. And the sharp-eyed cat immediately stopped his dangerous move. Pay attention how it gently taps the child’s hands with its soft paws. He was still resolute not to let him hang on the handrails and persistently tried to drive the curious child away from the dangerous place.

Especially great is the excited and reproachful expression on the pet’s face when he turns to the owner: “For real, maybe you should start taking care of your child?!” Looking at this duo, you realize that even if the parents are absent, the selfless cat won’t let the baby do foolish things.

As for today, the video has gained million of views. It should be mentioned, that the viewers highly appreciated the responsibility of the whiskered nanny. They have already left thousands of enthusiastic comments.

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