Woman found three starving dogs locked in an empty house

When will people stop all the cruelty towards animals!?

One day Debbie Goldberry was walking through the streets of her hometown of Tampa, Florida. Suddenly, the woman noticed a dog in the window of one of the houses. Seeing the animal, Debby, at first, got scared. The dog looked more like a skeleton covered with skin.

Debby decided to ask its owners whether everything was fine with their dog. She knocked on the door several times. No one opened the door. A man passing by her told, the owners had left the house long before.

Then the woman called the Police and the animal rescue organization. Together they broke the door. Turned out, there were not one, but 3 dogs inside. All of them were in a terrible condition. It’s unknown how long they haven’t been fed. But it was clear, that the dogs were on the verge of dying. Unfortunately, two of the dogs couldn’t survive.

But the nine-year-old poodle named Benny survived. He was in a terrible condition. He was so weak that he couldn’t even chew food, and his stomach had forgotten how to digest food. Benny vomited after every meal. They had to feed him intravenously.

Besides, the dog had several diseases. Vets were especially alarmed by the malignant tumor on the front paw. They could remove it with an operation. Benny was also cured of scabies. The dog was gradually getting better, his fur began to grow. The dog began to wag his tail and show interest in toys.

Goldberry keeps taking care of the dog surrounding him with love and care. The woman told, she wanted to make the rest of Benny’s life happy and comfortable.

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