Volunteers saved a dog named Tiggy and restored her healthy appearance

Not only people, but dogs, too, deserve an amazing transformation.

3-year-old dog named Tiggy was found on the street and was sent to volunteers, who turned out not to be ready to see the animal’s terrible condition. The dog looked more like a skeleton and there was almost no fur left on her. But the vital combination of love, medicine and care turned Tiggy into a real beauty!

There was absolutely no fur on the dog of the breed Lurcher (cross-breed of greyhound and terrier). And all her bones under the skin were visible with the naked eye. The dog was in such a bad condition, that the employees of the animal shelter BARK (Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels) were shocked. The shelter manager Ian Ross told the Daily Mail:

“I thought she was dead. As soon as she got here, everyone started crying!”

But the dog was a real fighter, and with the help of people, she very soon got better.

Ian Ross took Tiggy home and began to take care of her himself. The secret formula for success was a combination of love, antiparasitic treatment and 12 meals a day.

In order for Tiggy to restore her original form, she needed to eat 12 times a day.

However, such a “belly feast” did not last long — just one day. Then the amount of food decreased to 8, and now Tiggy has 3 meals a day. Although, sometimes she cheats trying to get this number to 4!

Now the dog weighs healthy 18kg – 8kg more than when she was found on the street.

According to Ian, Tiggy is now completely demonstrating her bright character, having fun, playing and always demands sweets.

Volunteers have already found a permanent family for Tiggy, and soon the dog will move to her new house. Isn’t this the best ending to such a story?

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