The girl who was bullied by her peers has changed beyond recognition

This girl was no longer bullied after losing 34kg of weight!

Schoolgirl Breanna Bond was constantly the center of mockery of her classmates and others. The reason was her weight: in the first grade she weighed 45kg, and in the fourth – 85kg!

Such a huge weight was not because of hormonal failure or various diseases. Everything was much simpler: her parents loved to pamper Breanna with various sweets, chocolates, donuts, buns, and the girl was also an ardent fan of fast food and used to eat it several times a week.

The parents panicked only when the girl weighed more than 80kg at the age of 10. They took Breanna to a few hospitals. After several tests, it turned out that the girl’s obesity was not a consequence of diseases. It was because of excessive abuse of heavy, sweet food. The girl had to start a special diet.

Breanna took up swimming and volleyball. Surely, it was difficult and she couldn’t do anything. She was exhausted and very offended at her parents for treating her like that.

But still, her perseverance and willpower did their job. The schoolgirl managed to lose 34kg of weight. She stopped getting bullied and achieved many heights in sports.

Today, Breanna is already 14 years old. she has normalized her weight and now helps those who need it.

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