Dog refused to go anywhere without his favorite toy

It looks like the dog is carrying his own baby

We are used to seeing children go everywhere with their favorite toys. Pets might also be like little children. Sometimes they refuse to part with their favorite toy and carry them everywhere they go.

Barley is a 1-year-old Golden Retriever from Amsterdam. He also has a favorite toy that looks just like himself. The dog always needs his plush friend Fluffy by his side.

Zita Butler, Barley’s owner, bought the toy for Barley the same day she adopted the retriever as his welcome gift.

At first, Zita thought the toy would be a good idea to help Barley get used to his new home. However, she hadn’t considered the great influence Fluffy would have on Barley. As a result, the dog refused to do even the simplest tasks, like walking around the house or sleeping, without the toy.

At this point, Barley and Fluffy are inseparable friends. Neighbors and even strangers adore the duo wherever they go and always take photos of them.

Fluffy is the exact copy of Barley, and sometimes it seems that the retriever is carrying his own baby.

Zita describes the dog as a great friend and a real adventurer.

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