“It climbed on the house to see better!”: The snake was hanging everywhere and spying on a stranger…

Opened the window? Guess who might enter it!

Robbie Knills had just finished hanging laundry outside when he saw the beast again. A large and long body– three meters! – smoothly moved along the wall of the house, heading for the roof. The serpent’s rings repeated the shape of the bars and ledges, and the small head turned in all directions. It was looking for the most convenient place to examine the roof (was there anyone?), and then lean down to the doorway or look through the window – wherever finds it more interesting.

Robbie grunted, wiped his hands and grabbed the camera. He had long noticed the interest of this unusual crawler in his family, but he had never seen the process of the snake conquering the heights of their house before!

The man first discovered the python about six months ago. He got into the habit of spending the night in the rafters of an old shed-workshop – and when Rob worked there, he always felt like he was being watched by a pair of attentive eyes, quietly hanging from the ceiling on a narrow brown muzzle.

“We didn’t bother each other”, the guy says. “There was a feeling of some kind of tacit respect between us. I was not at all against such a neighborhood, but my wife thought differently. She is terrified at the thought that a curious three-meter snake may suddenly look into the window of her bedroom on the second floor!”

However, the python does not bother the woman yet, but it often stops by Robbie to say hello.

Python in every house)

A photo with a snake sent by the guy on Reddit caused a lot of excitement among Australians. It was signed with humor: “That’s why your windows should have bars!”.

In response, residents of different cities on the continent also had something to say. “I live in the suburbs of Brisbane,” one wrote, “and recently watched the battle of a python and my great mastiff. Brrr…”

“I am more concerned about hordes of mosquitoes entering my window,” writes another. “They scare me a lot more than one python…”

“A snake? Yeah, a cute animal. And the bars should be put from thieves, not from nature…”,says the third.

Anyway, Robbie is not going to quarrel with his friend. Although there are some sins it’s accused of.

“I suspect that it ate one of my pets,” the guy says. “I was taking care of a bird with a broken wing – a gray shrike. And then at some point she just disappeared… Probably, the python got hungry and crawled out to look for something to eat without going far from home.”

At least it didn’t eat Molly, Rob’s other pet!)

But as it’s said, unless caught stealing, one is not a thief. Usually, there are no conflicts between the person and the snake.

One day Robbie went to work in the shed when he saw his long friend stretched out on the way. It didn’t want to crawl away in any way, so he  had to pick it up and move away.

“It’s rare, usually it immediately understands what they want from it,” Rob laughs. “If it’s hanging from the garage door, watching me, and I need to get the car out, then I just gently poke it with something, and it crawls away.”

The young man believes that his example can inspire other people to live peacefully even with wild animals. Less evil and aggression – and more understanding!)

And what would you do, is a giant python happened to watch you?

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