Dogs that distinguished themselves last year, and received the audience award

Not all dogs are good boys and girls, among them there are those who are even better! Or not better, but they still attracted the attention of the audience with their antics.

This list contains such puppies that have earned many well-deserved likes!

There’s no way Ralph’s going into the bathroom by himself. But a salute boomed in the street…

Rescue dog Frida retired and received a well-deserved monument.

Maverick puppy helps blind Charlie to lead an active lifestyle.

Rescued from the fire puppy Jake became a member of the fire service.

His name is unknown, but he can walk on water.

Paddington dog lets little dogs sleep on his fluffy tail.

Little dog nicknamed Narwhal with a tail on his forehead.

Dog panda, the only one in the world.

The dog is proud that it was he who found the lost child.

Adorable Woods works as a taster of goodies.

Bucky loves his rainbow tail.

The most charming participant of the parade.

Let’s hope there will be even more cute dogs this year!

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