Brutal bulldogs turn out to be not so evil. They saved a kitten’s life

He was so lucky!

Internet users always like to read about cases of miraculous deliverance from the danger of kittens and puppies.

Here’s one story. A tiny kitten was not even two days old when he found himself on the street absolutely alone. But he was lucky. The cat now has a large family and three adult dogs who adopted the foundling as if he were their own.

It all started on September 1. Then Beth Walden saw an urgent message that it was necessary to save a kitten aged… 1 day. A small fluffy ball was found on the street all alone. Beth from Florida, where she lived, responded to this call and the next day went to rescue the baby with her daughter

On the way, they first stopped by a store and bought everything the newborn needed. The first time they fed him right in the parking lot near the store. The woman and her daughter immediately bought all the necessary things so that the kitten could survive.

However, the cat turned out to be a brave guy, even though he was still tiny. He bravely endured all the trials. He ate as much as his mini-stomach could stand, no more, and fought for his life.

The name of this totally blind kitten is unusual: Baby Short Pants. He was always afraid to be alone. But now he has a family.

When Beth, with her daughter and baby in her arms, just appeared at home, three dogs who lived there came out to his crying. In order for their acquaintance with a new family member to pass quietly, the hostess kept everything under control.

All three big dogs reacted very friendly to the appearance of the baby. So, Frenchy licked his face so gently, as if she was his mother.

The dog named Salvador reacted especially excitedly to the appearance of the cat. He approached him whenever he heard his squeak.

Beth herself was surprised that all the dogs rush to the Baby at his first call. Until the moment his eyes opened, he was always afraid to be alone, without friends and foster mom. That’s why Beth was always with him.

Beth and her daughter and the dogs did everything to make the Short Pants Kid understand that he was just great.

Now the kitten’s eyes are already open. He has grown up a little and is taking his first steps. Everyone in this family will definitely be happy!

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