Girl found tiny emaciated puppies on the street, but one had very strange ears

Ears like cinnamon sticks

One day an American woman named Jen Dick was returning home from work. On the street she saw tiny dogs. They were pit bull puppies without a mom or an owner. They looked a little over a month old.

All the dogs were ordinary, except one. The little girl had amazing ears – they wrapped inside. They reminded Jen of cinnamon sticks. “I’ve never seen anything like this in dogs,” Jen recalls.

The animals were dirty and skinny. Some of them had parasites. The woman decided to help the dogs. The American woman took the kids to a veterinary clinic, where they were examined, and the doctor prescribed treatment.

After recovery, Jen gave all the dogs to her friends. She kept the girl with the unusual ears for herself. Jen gave her the nickname Cinnamon. This American woman says that this girl is growing up playful, cheerful and inquisitive.

When a woman posted a photo with her pet on the Internet, she received a large number of likes and positive comments. Users of social networks found Cinnamon really cute.

The dog has hundreds of fans. One of them noticed that Cinnamon ears resemble women’s hairstyles of the 1940s. Jen’s pet herself guesses that she is special and cute.

She behaves like a real star and really likes to pose for photos.

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