This cat is sure that the child seat was bought exclusively for him

Cats are wholesome!

They bought the baby a swing chair, but their cat named Flynn immediately knew it was for him.

Flynn the cat was never particularly affectionate before his owner became pregnant. His tail followed her wherever she went, and he treated her surprisingly gently.

Rory, the new member of the family, made Flynn’s heart melt. In no time at all, he fell in love with his little human brother, and became his nanny and guardian. The cat did not leave the baby.

Flynn was also very interested in new toys that his owners bought for the child. For example, the cat chose a swing chair that was recently bought for Rory. “Flynn climbed into the chair every morning,” says the mother, Rachel. – He definitely considers it his own. This is his favorite sleeping place after breakfast.”

Every morning, when mom carries the baby to the high chair, she sees a sprawled cat there, who is not at all enthusiastic about any neighborhood:

Then, the hostess decided to put her son right on the impudent cat – and even that doesn’t work! Getting Flynn out of the chair turned out to be an impossible task for Rachel, and she was forced to accept it.

“Flynn loves Rory, and so when I put him on top, he began licking him, and then himself. While I was running for my phone to take a picture of this couple, Flynn just stared at me suspiciously, not moving from his place!”

The cool Flynn remained calm, and was clearly confused why the kid was using “his” chair.


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