Man found a sleeping dog in his car

Thanks to a well-chosen car and the efforts of this caring man, the lost dog found his home…

A few weeks ago, an interesting story happened with Rodrigo Coelho and his wife from Brazil, which he shared on Facebook. The couple drove their car to a pharmacy to buy medicines. And when the spouses returned back, they found an unfamiliar dog in the car.

Probably, the dog quickly slipped into the car when its owners got out and slowly closed the doors. The dog felt at ease and was absolutely not afraid of anything. He was lying relaxed on the floor near the seat and dozing.

From the dog’s appearance, it became obvious that he was a domestic pet, but he had been wandering the streets for quite a long time. The dog looked exhausted and smelled strongly of garbage, and his claws and paws were badly worn out.

Rodrigo thought the dog was just lost. But the man did not leave him in trouble. He decided to take the dog home and try to find its owners. Rodrigo has several other dogs, and all of them were not happy with the new neighbor. But he behaved confidently and at ease, choosing a cozy and soft place to sleep right on the couch.

Coelho decided to act and shot several videos with the dog. The first video has gained over 350 thousand views only on YouTube. The second video was viewed by 160 thousand Internet users. Rodrigo left his contacts, and soon people started calling him. They recognized the dog and reported that the foundling’s name was Thor, and his real owners lived just 12km from Coelho’s house.

Soon the owners themselves contacted Rodrigo to arrange a meeting. Macon and Dayan arrived at Coelho’s house, and Thor instantly recognized the people he loved. He rushed to them and happily wagged his tail. The owners, of course, were also incredibly happy to meet. So thanks to a well-chosen car and the efforts of this caring man, the lost dog found his home and did not stay on the streets.

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