Homeless woman’s love for her four-legged friends

She did not want to leave the dogs without an owner

A woman named Hole (this name was given to her by local people), by coincidence, found herself on the street. She is 65 years old, but she does not live like an ordinary woman. She lives with dogs. For many years now, she has been ready to give all her last savings to these animals. Treatment, feeding, everything is on her fragile shoulders.
At night, she would huddle with the dogs in a large garbage bag that she found. It would seem that everyone would want to get rid of such a life, but not her. When the local police still wanted to help, she refused, because she did not want to leave the dogs without an owner.

These cute animals are very important to Hole, they are her friends. By the way, one of her dogs is carrying a puppy under her heart. There was no way the woman could have left these tailed ones to go with the flow alone.

In the aftermath, they still found the way out. The local police together with the woman decided that she would go to the center for the night. Under normal conditions and in heat. It was in that place that Hole met a female volunteer. Her name was Alejandra Cordova Castro.

It was clear to everyone, especially Alejandra, that Hole was not going to leave her tailed friends. They had to find a compromise. And they found it. Initially, the volunteer provided the woman with everything she needed for living, and then the most desirable – food for her dogs.

Also, Alejandra offered the woman to move to a tent shelter, its price was only 50 pesos. Hole was very happy about this, as she would have a permanent roof over her head and four-legged friends would also be nearby.

The story of this homeless woman has captivated many people. This is the ideal of love for animals, because they are also living beings. At the moment, Hole dreams of opening an animal shelter in the future. Volunteer Alejandro is trying to help her with this.

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