Caring bear saved a crow that was drowning in a pond

Sometimes animals act much smarter than people

Animals that are not characterized by cute and touching behavior sometimes do things that can touch the most callous heart. The first case occurred at the Budapest Zoo in 2000. The bear pulled a crow out of the pond, and thereby saved it from a terrible fate. It is unknown how the crow got into the pond, but the zoo visitor managed to videotape the rescue process. The crow splashes in the water, and the bear first tries to get it with his paws, then helps himself with his teeth and gently pulls the bird to dry land. After pulling the crow out of the water, the bear loses interest in her and leaves to refresh himself. The crow has apparently been in a state of shock for some time and is trying to get back on its feet. It is in no hurry to leave the bear enclosure.

The next case also happened at the zoo. A kid fell into the pond and could not get out. A little pig came to the rescue. He did not lose his head, rushed into the water and pushed the kid to the shore.

And in an Indian city, one monkey saved the life of another. One of the monkeys caught on a high-voltage cable and fell on the railway tracks without signs of life. Another one immediately came to the rescue. She grabbed the victim, began to shake, beat and lower him into the water, trying to bring him to consciousness. This was happening in front of several dozen people. They took pictures, shot videos, cheering the monkeys on. After a few minutes, the unfortunate animal began to move and came to his senses to the applause of those watching and worried about the monkey.

In 2004, during a safari in the African savanna in the national park, an American tourist accidentally witnessed a dramatic confrontation between African buffaloes, a pride of young lions and crocodiles. A herd of buffaloes fought for the life of a young buffalo calf. The lions drove the defenseless little buffalo cub into the river. Lionesses dragged struggling buffaloes out of the water. And suddenly a huge crocodile emerged from the river and clung to the hind leg of the unfortunate animal with its teeth. The lionesses dragged the unconscious buffalo to the shore, they were already about to feast on the prey when a herd of buffaloes returned to the shore. They went to the lionesses with a wall and managed to repel the buffalo from the predators!

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