The fox cub was lying on the road barely breathing: he was desperately trying to survive somehow!

There was a little fox cub lying near the road in the heat. He was left alone in this world. It was very difficult for him to walk because his hind legs were broken and he was totally dehydrated.

But at that time, a man was driving along the road. When he saw the fox cub, he immediately stopped and saved him. He took him to the vet. There they gave the cub about 5 injections, plastered his paws and got rid of fleas and ticks that were eating the poor animal alive. When the fox cub was hydrated, fed and relieved of the wounds on the body at once, the man took him home.

The man also had a dog – German Shepherd. But don’t be afraid, the dog didn’t do anything to the fox cub. The shepherd took the fox cub for a dog, because he didn’t look like a fox at all. He was so grayish-brown just like a shepherd dog, and he didn’t know how to snort at all. He didn’t even know that he was a fox cub, because as soon as he was born, his parents were killed by poachers.

Now the fox and the dog spend all their time together, and even sleep hugging each other.

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