Stray dog lay down and cried. He had already forgotten what kindness was

As a result of human cruelty and indifference, dogs and other animals end up in a helpless state

Neglected animals have long been one of the important problems of big cities. The increase in the number of stray dogs is an indicator of human cruelty and irresponsibility towards their pets. Many owners get rid of our four-legged friends, as if from unnecessary things, because of old age or illness. As a result, dogs end up in a helpless state.

Every day people, hurrying about their business, pass by the devoted eyes of dogs, but no one has a desire to help them. Some are even ready to exterminate the unfortunate animals, considering them an immediate threat. But there are still kind people in the world, and this story is proof of that.

An abandoned dog was found in one city. It was an old German Shepherd that got trapped in a river channel. The dog could not get out on her own, and was doomed to death. But the volunteers came to the rescue in time. They fed the poor animal. And when one of them petted the dog, she began to cry, realizing that she was not left in the lurch.

Now Bigie (that’s the dog’s name) is fine. She lives in a loving family, surrounded by kindness and care.

Thousands of animals in need of man live on the streets. Do not ignore them. Each of them is worthy of love.

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