Girl taught her rooster to walk with a dog leash

He understands his owner’s commands perfectly

The owner of a bird farm posts a video on Tiktok under the username alexlabaj for more than 100 thousand of her followers.

She shares the peculiarities and small joys of her life and the lives of her little pets. She records videos about the peculiarities of everyday life, newborn chickens. The girl also shoots funny stories and incidents that occur when working as a chicken breeder.

Since February, Alex has been posting videos about how she is trying to teach one of the roosters to walk with a leash. In the very first videos, he follows the owner’s command and jumps on her lap, and a second later a leash is fastened around his neck.

Of course, the rooster did not immediately accept this idea. You can notice that when walking, he is not very happy. Sometimes he gets scared of the leash and even tries to attack it somehow. This video has got more than 8 million views.

The girl’s followers, as well as other users, agreed that the rooster understood the commands perfectly. They do not lose hope that he will get used to such a novelty and learn even more commands.

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