The passenger of the taxi was a huge python

An unexpected living being in a car could greatly distract a person from the road

The service of delivering things using taxi services is not new to anyone. That’s the story of a taxi driver who took an order for cargo delivery. When he arrived at the place to pick up the order for delivery, he was told that everything in the bag was very fragile. Therefore, the taxi driver carefully transferred the bag to the car, put it in the back seat and drove off.

During the trip, the driver heard some rustling coming from somewhere behind. Turning around, he did not notice anything unusual, but the rustling was repeated. It is forbidden to check the bag when providing such a service, so it was necessary to go further. When most of the way was overcome, the driver saw in the rearview mirror that the bag began to move.

And after a few minutes, a snake’s head appeared from the bag. It was a python, but the driver could not immediately orient himself and was very scared. He stopped the car, ran out into the street, and at that time the snake attacked the car, completely got out of the bag.

Of course, python is not a poisonous snake, but it can wrap itself around the body and thus crush a person. In addition to all this, an unexpected living being in a car could greatly distract a person from the road. The taxi driver called the police on the spot. They took the python out of the car. Then, in the department, the victim wrote a statement to those who handed over the bag with the snake.

A criminal case has been opened, but the perpetrators have not yet been identified. In the future, they may be charged with more charges, but at the moment they are accused of animal cruelty.

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