Funny video that has gained more than two million views

Sometimes they act like humans and that’s really funny

The main characters of the video are two husky dogs who were left alone at home. The owner turned on a hidden camera during his absence to find out what his pets were doing alone. And the result was very interesting.

Two dogs, cuddling sweetly, sprawled on the couch and arranged a TV viewing. This idyll was disturbed by the noise coming from the front door. The dogs realized that their owner had returned from work. Both pets quickly jumped up from the sofa. While one of them turned off the TV with the remote on its paw, the second went for a cloth and began to wipe the floor.

The owner could not open the door in any way and started knocking. One dog decided to rush to the man’s aid and easily coped with the door handle. The second dog took a bowl in his teeth and also rushed to meet the owner. The man thanked his pets, and that was the end of the video.

The behavior of huskies captured on the video is a rarity, because usually representatives of this breed, staying in houses without owners, arrange real disorder and chaos. And this was reported by many Internet users who viewed the video. Some have suggested that the video is staged. Others were struck by the actions of the smart dogs. Still others noted that huskies behave like owners, and the person lives with them or came to visit.

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